We offer a range of services depending on your needs, timescales and budget

Packing service

Aside from the stress of waiting to see if a house purchase will go through, packing is the next biggest thing people dread when moving home. Not only is this task time consuming and a hassle, doing it wrong can result in things being broken or lost. Unpacking is almost as bad. Because our dedicated team of packing ladies pack people’s things all the time and have received special training on the best ways to pack things without them breaking, they can do it for you to save time, hassle and avoid breakages.
Not only do we know how to pack things to stop them breaking, we know how to save space and pack things in a way that makes them easier to move. This helps to make things even smoother on moving day so the move can be completed as quickly as possible and unpacking is easier too.
If you’d rather do the packing yourself, we provide all packing materials free of charge, with just a deposit which is paid back when the boxes are returned unbroken, for people using our removals service.
For people who have a gap between moving out and moving in, we can also provide storage and house clearances for goods that aren’t destined for their new property. We use wardrobe cartons on moving day so your clothes don’t have to be backed away at all.
Call us now so we can visit your property and give you an accurate quote to take that packing problem completely off your hands.


Cleaning service

After the rigours and stress of moving house, needing to clean the place you’ve just vacated can feel like the final insult. Giving it a very quick cursory once over can feel rather rude and mean on the people who are moving in next. Feeling exhausted and a bit guilty is not the way you want to start your life in your new place. That’s why we provide a cleaning service to take this task off your hands and allow you to feel good about how you’ve left your old place for its new owners.
For rented properties, it’s vital that your old home gets a good clean to increase the chances of getting your full deposit back.
Similarly, if you are moving into a place that hasn’t been left in a good state, our cleaners can make it much more inviting for you so you can move straight in without needing to clean it first.
To make your move as stress-free as possible, our Premium Packages includes packing your goods, moving them, unpacking them and cleaning either your old home or new one. Call 01273 382032 or 07920232289 now for a quote.

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