Moving office can be incredibly disruptive to business. Important documents get lost, essential equipment gets broken and the office can be out of commission for days on end while the move takes place. It’s tempting, when you have a large number of staff, to affect the move internally using the people and equipment you already have. If your business is not removals, you probably don’t do this very often which means mistakes can be made, things broken, time lost and cash flow can suffer. Not to mention the stress and strain it can put on the staff.


When you hire us to do your office move for you, we use our extensive experience in this area to carry out your move in the most efficient way possible to minimise disruption and avoid breakages. We know the best ways to pack and move your office equipment and furniture to keep it organised, make sure it ends up in the right places and ensure even delicate equipment isn’t damaged.

Call us now on 01273 382032 or 07917 117889 for a quote so you can move office with complete peace of mind that everything is being sorted out with a minimal impact on your business.

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