When you move with us, there’s no need to go scrounging boxes from your local supermarket. We will supply you with everything you need and deliver it at a time that’s convenient for you. After we’ve visited your house to give you an accurate quote for moving your furniture, we can give you the perfect packing materials for moving your things safely.

In addition to strong boxes, we also provide packing tape that actually sticks and holds, professional quality wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper and marker pens. To avoid the usual clothes packing dilemmas, we bring wardrobe cartons on moving day so there is no need to pack your clothes away.

As well as wardrobe cartons, we also bring blankets and coverings to protect your furniture and carpets during the move.

Click here for a number of useful packing tips to help you to help us move everything in the best way to keep it safe and reduce unnecessary mess and damage.


To hire all this packaging material from us, just provide us with a deposit which we will return when you give us back our unbroken boxes.

Or, you could save yourself all the trouble of packing by letting us do it for you. We can even clean up afterwards to keep your old landlord happy.

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