Domestic Removals

People’s main concern when considering whether to use a removals firm or not is if it is money well spent and if their goods would be safer if they simply hired a van and did it themselves. They often don’t consider the fact that they don’t move their things very often but we do it every day. As Moved by Experts put such a lot of pride into the quality of our work, we care for your things as much as you do. By using us, you not only save yourself from the trouble of moving your furniture yourself, but also give yourself peace of mind that everything is being moved correctly to prevent damage. You could even end up saving money by using us rather than doing the move yourself if you packed them into the van incorrectly and ended up breaking them.

As a standard part of our removals service, we disassemble and reassemble any furniture as required and we are fully trained to plumb in washing machines and dishwashers at no extra cost. Our experience lets us easily decide if a piece of furniture will need to be dismantled to move it safely and stops us making costly mistakes by trying to move things through places where they won’t fit without damage to the item or the building.

Over the years, we have dealt with all different types of properties all across Sussex, particularly in Brighton and Hove, and moved everything from fish tanks to pianos. To keep everything safe, we use padded covers for sofas and TVs along with any other forms of protection we think is needed to ensure none of your items are damaged in transit. For mattresses, we use a brand new mattress protector for each customer for ultimate cleanliness and hygiene.

If you’re happy to pack up all your things yourself, we will supply the packing material for a deposit which we return to you when you return the undamaged boxes. If you don’t want to do the packing yourself, we can do it for you. Have a look at our Premium Package page for details on how we can undertake the whole moving procedure for you.

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